Altar Servers Ministry

Role: to assist the priest and congregation so that they may fully enter into the awesome mystery of the Eucharist.

Goal: to put all the glory and focus on Christ

When: at Mass at St Paul’s on Saturday at 4:00 pm p.m.and Sunday at 11:00 am and at Mass at St Peter’s on Sunday at 9:00 am

Who can be an altar server? anyone who has made his/her First Communion

Tasks: to be present when it is your turn to serve or to find a replacement if you are not available



  • to pay attention and serve to the best of your ability
  • to respond in all the dialogues between the priest and the congregation
  • to say all the prayers together with the congregation
  • to role model the correct postures and gestures during Mass


If you would like to know more about this Ministry; or, would like to participate you may contact the office:

(902 431-5459 extension 104) or write to us by clicking this link: Contact Us