Mission11Our week long mission trip to Kingston Jamaica came to an end on February 26th. What an experience! It was a physically demanding and emotionally taxing week which drew each us out of our comfort zone. Many of us were doing things for others we had never done before, like changing diapers, feeding disabled adults and children, bathing and dressing them, and interacting with people with varying degrees of mental and physical challenges. Despite the personal challenges we faced, we were all abundantly blessed by the beautiful people we met in Kingston and the simple work that we did. The joyful witness of the Brothers in their prayer and service of the poor was absolutely amazing and inspiring! We were all overwhelmed with the outpouring of support that we received for this mission trip. We brought with us nine full suitcases of donated items (clothing, medical & dental supplies, diapers, etc) and were able to give the Missionaries of the Poor over $11, 000 US dollars! Incredible! It takes a lot of resources for this community to do what they do, but the Lord provides for their needs, and we (and our supporters) in no small measure were living proof of that! So, if you were one of our supporters, THANK YOU so much for making this first Mission trip to Kingston Jamaica such an incredible success!

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